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Inspecting mobile containers

Our products offer you the greatest possible safety in use. To keep it that way, equipment such as mobile containers should be checked regularly. Continue reading to find out why, how and by whom.

Inspecting mobile containers: why?

  • According to the accident prevention regulation (UVV) "Fire services (DGUV regulation 49)", regular inspections are mandatory for fire service equipment and devices.
  • Regular inspections are prescribed by DGUV principle 305-002 of May 2021.

Inspecting mobile containers: when/how often?

  • Visual inspection for wear and defects after each use
  • Regular, recurring inspection at least every 12 months

Who is allowed to inspect mobile containers?

  • Mobile containers must undergo a visual and functional inspection by aqualified person.
  • We offer basic/advanced training for qualified persons in ourseminar programme.

Inspecting mobile containers: how?

  • Visual inspection for
    • Deformation
    • Wear
    • Damage
    • Sharp edges, chipping, burrs
    • Attachment
  • Brake test according to AGBF recommendations
  • Inspection results must be entered in a test sheet or test book
  • We offer a downloadable checklist with inspection criteria for your guidance and documentation.
Download checklist

Inspection failed: what now?

  • Mobile containers that are damaged or exhibit defects, or that no longer appear safe for use, must be withdrawn from use.
  • These mobile containers may only be made available for use after proper corrective maintenance once the original strength is re-established.
  • Professional repair is one of the services we offer: contact us now!
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