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Inspection of portable fire brigade ladders according to DIN EN 1147

Through our products, we offer you the greatest possible safety in use. To ensure that this remains the case, equipment such as portable fire brigade ladders should be checked regularly. We explain why, how and by whom here.

In § 11 DGUV regulation 49 "Fire brigades" for fire brigade equipment, devices, test equipment and test facilities, regular inspections must be carried out in addition to visual inspections after each use.

This applies especially to portable fire brigade ladders:

  • Inspection in accordance with DGUV principle 305-002 (as of May 2021)
  • by a qualified person
  • Visual and functional inspection at least every 12 months
  • including accessories
  • NEW Load test at least every 24 months if no defects were found during the visual and functional test (previously every 12 months).
  • Clear and visible marking indicating the number of persons who are allowed to stand on a ladder at the same time.
  • Marking of access ladders to indicate that they are not suitable for rescuing people by carrying them down.
  • Red marking (bandage) at least 75 mm wide around the full circumference of the uprights on ladders for which uprights are prescribed for use.
  • All markings must be clearly visible between 1.5 m and 2 m above the feet of the ladder.
  • Marking of all ladders according to DIN EN 1147 with the date of issue of this standard, the name or identification of the manufacturer, the type of ladder and the year of manufacture.


In case of failed test or questions:

Request repair