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Safety. Made in Germany.


Over 120 years of experience

Maximum safety for emergency and rescue services and the victims on site. This is our mission. MUNK Rettungstechnik recognises its long-term responsibility in this respect. And sets standards in the industry with its access technology and transport logistics that are perfectly matched to the application. With advanced, clever and professional solutions as well as products that have been tried and tested many times over. For the decisive added extra in safety – especially for those who have to rely absolutely on the quality of their equipment even under the toughest conditions.

Manufactured to the highest MUNK-specific quality standards, our products naturally comply with all relevant standards and regulations, as well as being made exclusively from the best materials and using state-of-the-art production processes. This applies to all products from our standard range as well as to our custom special constructions, because offering people maximum safety and optimum conditions in every application is our goal. And that's why we take care of every little product detail.

Product overview: rescue equipment
According to DIN EN 1147 and ÖNORM F 4047

Fire service ladders

MUNK Rettungstechnik supplies a wide range of fire service ladders compliant with DIN EN 1147 and ÖNORM F 4047. They include multifunctional ladders, hook ladders, folding ladders, scaling ladders and rope-extension ladders. We have the right access aids for every rescue crew mission. And thanks to our extensive range of accessories, fire service ladders can also be secured and equipped for other purposes – right through to work and rescue platforms. You're always on the safe side when you're in action with our high-quality products.

Product overview: fire service ladders DIN EN 1147
Ideal solutions for every rescue mission

Rescue platforms

For rescuing accident victims from a driver's cab, for example,
and as a work platform, we offer various rescue platforms for fire services and technical aid organisations. Our many years of experience are reflected in the functions:

  • Setup and dismantling in seconds
  • Collapsible railings for the easy extraction of casualties
  • Levelling equipment (spindle feet, side-rail extensions)
  • Small pack dimensions
  • Extensive accessories available
Product overview: rescue platforms
Versatile transport aids

Toolboxes & cases

We offer you universal and robust transport boxes for rescue and disaster operations: stackable transport cases made of aluminium with flexible push-fit divider system and foam lining.

  • The divider system and the lining are included as standard.
  • Aluminium alloy with high material strength and corrosion resistance.
  • The cases can be stacked safely thanks to their stacking edge.
  • Smooth side walls, vertical spot welds.
  • Stable extruded aluminium profile peripheral edges.
  • Hinged lid with rubber seal guarantees resistance to dust and splash water.
Product overview: cases
More performance. More reliability.

Mobile containers

Whether for portable fire pumps or power generators, hoses or fittings, breathing apparatus or compressed air tanks, extinguishing systems or heavy work and rescue equipment: the advantages of mobile containers are obvious.

  • Equipment that belongs together is stored together – nothing can be forgotten during a mission or training.
  • Transport on a secure base is much more ergonomic and can be carried out faster by one person, where otherwise many people would be needed for packing and carrying.
  • Loading and unloading can be performed easily with a lifting platform, loading ramp and optionally by forklift or crane.
  • A simple transport vehicle can be used for various tasks, whereas previously only expensive and specially designed vehicles were able to transport certain types of equipment. Mobile containers can quickly be changed and used independently.
  • Mobile containers offer a long service life due to the high quality of the materials used to make them.
  • Expensive, heavy and vulnerable installations for removing equipment from vehicles are reduced to a minimum and, in some cases, can be dispensed with altogether.
  • Easy-to-use, safe and reliable, even in challenging situations.
Product overview: mobile containers
Working efficiently

Fire station equipment

Work safely and efficiently in the fire station with our innovative access technology and transport logistics solutions. We also offer tools for testing and repairing rescue equipment products.

  • Ladder test stand
  • Repair tool
  • Transport and storage trolleys
  • Ladders for the fire station
Product overview: fire station equipment
For custom use

Vehicle installations, vehicle attachments

Secure on the vehicle, safely transport rescue equipment – with our custom vehicle attachments and vehicle installations, you can concentrate your efforts on the rescue or relief operation.

  • Vehicle steps
  • Loading bridges
  • Access ramps
  • Shelving systems
Product overview: vehicle installations
Tailored products

Custom-made special designs

Anything that doesn't fit is planned, built and assembled to fit:

  • Mobile containers
  • Vehicle installations, vehicle attachments
  • Fire station
    • Stairs
    • Bridging steps
    • Vertical ladders
Enquire about custom-made special designs