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Order no. : 115003

Scaling ladder push-fit section DIN EN 1147

Do you need a spare part for your scaling ladder push-fit section? We have included the most important spare parts in our enquiry form. Simply enter which part you need and how often, and we will prepare your individual offer so that your fire ladder is quickly ready for use again.

Here's how

Find suitable spare part

In the drawing, we have entered the respective spare part numbers of our enquiry form at the appropriate places. This way you can quickly find the right spare part.

We have enlarged small parts in the drawing so that you have an even better overview.

Please send me a quotation for the following spare parts:

Spare parts request

Plug-fitted pocket scaling ladder aluminium | © MUNK GmbH
Holder, scaling ladder aluminium DIN EN 1147 and ÖNORM F4047 Galvanised steel
( Order no: 820005 )
( Order no: 01403.000.04.7 )
( Order no: 01403.000.05.7 )
Inside shoe FS ladder DIN EN 1147 and ÖNORM F4047 | © MUNK GmbH
Inside shoe, FS ladder DIN EN 1147 and ÖNORM F4047
( Order no: 820001 )
Blind rivets flat head | © MUNK GmbH
Blind rivet
( Order no: 00152.264.45.0 )
Bl. rivets fl. head 4.8x11.5 pl.-fitted pock. st. | © MUNK GmbH
Blind rivets, flat head, 4.8x11.5 for holder Steel
( Order no: 820002 )
Type label: Scaling ladder push-fit section DIN EN 1147
( Order no: 00250.115.00.3 )

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